Law Enforcement Professional or Professional Progressive Activist

To The Editor,

Law enforcement professional or professional progressive activist. Those are your choices for Bristol County Sheriff on November 8th. 

Thomas Hodgson is a law enforcement professional who believes in holding criminals accountable for their actions. Sheriff Hodgson has worked diligently to keep the residents and communities of Bristol County safe for over 20 years.

Paul Heroux is a progressive professional activist who believes the rights of criminals are more important than the rights of those they have violated…Case in point.   

A few years ago, during a hearing for a proposed child safety ordinance that would have banned level 2 and 3 sex offenders from city owned buildings and property,  

Heroux defended the rights of the sex offenders saying ” They are not waiting in the book stacks or waiting in the park to jump out of the bush and kidnap a kid and doing horrible things to that child”. That may or may not be true but sex offenders satisfy their impulses and urges simply by walking into a restroom with children or secretly taking photos and posting them to websites that non sex offenders will never see. Your child is being victimized and you don’t know it or see it. 

Heroux also stated that sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rate. The rate for sex offenders can be as high as 24 percent for treated offenders and 10 percent higher for untreated offenders. That is not high enough for him? I guess the children who are sexually assaulted by those offenders don’t matter, after all, it’s only 24 percent. Guess you would think differently if it was a member of your family.

Heroux’s defense for sex offenders was so passionate that one city councilor actually asked Heroux if was in fact a sex offender. 

Truth is, over 70 percent of sexual assaults go unreported for various reasons. So, sex offenders continue commit sexual assaults that are never reported to police. Sex offenders are nearly four times more likely than other criminals to be rearrested for a sex crime. (DOJ Stat)

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office needs strong leadership from a law enforcement professional. A leader who possesses the personal and professional characteristics to keep the communities and residents of Bristol County safe. A Sheriff who truly understands the meaning of Law and Order. 

Paul Heroux’s pro criminal agenda is a threat to every family living in the communities of Bristol County. 

We do not need a George Soros type activist whose idea of Law and Order is to empty out prisons, institute no cash bail reforms or decline to prosecute dangerous criminals.

We need to keep Tom Hodgson Sheriff for strong and effective leadership and a safe community. 

Leo Johnson