Opinion: We are all safer with Tom Hodgson as sheriff

Originally published on dartmouth.theweektoday.com

To the editor:

Law enforcement matters. 

We are seeing a huge spike in crime across the nation because progressives don’t believe that criminals should be punished. They think we should make a better effort in understanding them. 

While it is a wonderful thought, in the real world that doesn’t work. If criminals are not punished, then they commit more and more crimes.

To keep our communities safe, we need a sheriff who will hold criminals accountable. I don’t want them on the streets harming my family. There is only one person I trust. That person is Sheriff Tom Hodgson.

No matter the political pressure he gets, he always stands for law enforcement. He believes in law and order. That’s why he will get my vote. We are all safer with Tom Hodgson as sheriff.

John Macedonio,