Endorsement for Thomas Hodgson, Bristol County sheriff

Originally published on thesunchronicle.com.

To the editor:

To all residents of Bristol County. I have known and respected Sheriff Thomas Hodgson for many years. He is someone who truly cares about the individuals that he is responsible for and are under his protection.

Bristol County House of Correction is a large and complex institution housing many prisoners. Hodson leads a large contingent of guards, counselors and others required to run this complex. His paramount goal is to provide programs and counseling to rehabilitate these individuals and return them to their homes and their families as whole people, ready to lead responsible lives. He also works within our communities to help combat the circumstances that foster and help to create an atmosphere that promotes safety. He has had great success in reducing recidivism. I urge all citizens to vote to return Hodgson to continue his outstanding leadership at the Bristol County House of Correction.

Elizabeth (Betty) Poirier

North Attleboro

The writer is a former Republican state representative who represented the 14th Bristol District.