Opinion: Sheriff’s 25 years speaks to his commitment to everyone in Bristol County

Originally published on dartmouth.theweektoday.com.

To the editor:

I’m going to be upfront with your readers. Not only am I a local resident having lived most of my life in New Bedford before recently moving to Dartmouth, but I am also an employee of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, where I have been on the security team for nearly 22 years.

I’m writing today because, since day one of my BCSO career, no one has fought harder or worked harder to support a staff than Tom Hodgson.

Over the years, I have witnessed the ups and downs that the department has faced and continues to face today. They are similar to correctional facilities and law enforcement across the country, where recruiting and retaining talented, good people is a challenge in the current political climate.

But through it all, his continued efforts in fighting for staff pay parity in the Legislature and his dedication to public safety through successful rehabilitation of inmates has been unwavering. He fights for his staff and his communities every day. 

Equally important is his continued collaboration with other law enforcement agencies. Having run the Ash St. facility for upward of five years, first hand collaborating with the towns and cities of Bristol County, I know everyone’s working together to keep my family safe.

In closing, I support the Sheriff who will have my vote come November. I hope the job he has done over the last 25 plus years speaks to his commitment to everyone in Bristol County and your vote reflects that come election day.

Joseph Oliver III,